Friday, January 18, 2008

Working with Riane Eisler

I haven't posted lately to this blog because I'm working with Riane Eisler, author of Chalice and the Blade and her newest book, Real Wealth of Nations....creating a caring economics.

Thus, I've been writing at the blog and so if you've clicked on here at Life Puzzle to see my blog, I encourage you to click on this link and head over there to read instead.

Life Puzzle is all about learning how to put our lives together. In my creation of the Life Puzzle model, the book, The Chalice and the Blade was instrumental in my understanding why it was that we'd created a world that was so reactive, unconscious and victim oriented. When I read that book, lots of confusing pieces fell into place and became part of my motivation to begin changing things--not only in my life, but for many others too. The information in The Chalice and the Blade showed me that it is possible to create a 6-10, proactive, conscious world!

This summer the book, "Real Wealth of Nations...creating a caring economics" came out. I know that if we all read it, our ability to also begin building our own Life Puzzles will be enhanced. This book taps into numerous pieces of your Life Puzzle--the obvious ones like financial responsibility and work--but you'll discover also pieces like feelings and thinking, parenting, partnering, sexuality and spirituality too!

Having only so much time in building my own Life Puzzle--at this time, I'm redirecting my energy for blog writing to this other site! Hope you'll join me there!