Thursday, March 27, 2008

Waiting to be good enough...

"You'll never get there." My client's eyes shot up from her downturned gaze, as I responded to her saying "I'm waiting to be good enough."

Actually, this is a phrase "I'm not good enough"...that I hear a lot. It is a very common thought by millions of 0-5ers who operate in the reactive, unconscious, victim role. From this standpoint, one believes that "others" will validate me and finally tell me that I'm good enough--and then once that happens, THEN, then I'll get my life going (and be able to do 6-10, proactive, conscious and self-empowered).

The reason I told my client that "you'll never get there" is because "waiting to be told your good enough" will never happen. Here's why--90% of people operate their lives on the 0-5 side of the Choosing Continuum--thus, you're waiting for 'reactive, unconscious, victim' people to tell you you're good enough so you can leave your own 'reactive, unconscious, victim' stage. THAT isn't going to happen! (By the way--they're waiting for you to tell them that you're good enough too! And are you doing it? NO, of course not!)

So, your logic might then be saying "Well, what about the 10% group that's operating on 6-10 side of the Choosing Continuum? Will they validate me?" Nope, they won't do it either. Why? Because 6-10ers are busy living their own lives, making their Life Puzzle and they know it is not their job to validate anyone else on this planet as to their being "good enough". They know it is YOUR job to validate your SELF.

And that's easy to do--because everyone is born "good enough". Start your life from that premise--and if you lost touch with it over the course of your life--re-introduce your SELF.

You already are "good enough". Now, get busy living your life as a 6-10er and wake up every day to eat healthfully, exercise regularly, manage your feelings, be a proactive, creative thinker, build healthy relationships, dynamic family, vibrant community, valuable work, fun play, deal with any special challenges you might have, live your spirituality of love and thus, create meaning in every day you're on this planet! And you know what--that's good enough!