Thursday, July 28, 2005

There is no cure for hot or cold!

I love that line! Its so counter to how we live--we act as if we believe we could create a universe that is so ordered and under control that nothing could bother us, inconvenience us. I think we actually do believe this--and it is certainly the way most of us are scrambling around in our lives--busy trying to get everything under control, neatly ordered--and we actually think we will succeed and somehow hold back chaos.

There is no cure for hot or cold (Trungpa Rinpoche, Buddhist monk) is a reminder to live with the awareness that the world is both pleasurable and painful and I can accept both. The second you do, you discover your focus is no longer trying to hold back chaos (which takes enormous amounts of our time!). Now your focus can just be--be accepting, be present, be.....

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ann. That is one of my favorites and I needed a web link to the expression and your blog saved the day. Best regards, Dave.