Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Atkin's best for weight loss...but not weight management

Reported in JAMA....Atkin's weight loss diet proves best as compared to the Zone, Dean Ornish's lifestyle diet and ..... As I read this I thought, ugh, here we go again. Everyone now rushing off to stuff themselves with a high protein diet, little carbohydrates etc.

What's missing in all this? Weight management.....
Anyone can lose weight--heck half of America is on a diet right now and people are definitely losing weight....The issue we need to look at is Weight management--keeping off the pounds you lost!

And since we know only 10% of dieters maintain their weight loss for more than a year--why do we care what diet they lost it on? It's just part of the rollercoaster that so many people live on when it comes to weight management.

Weight management has become a much larger topic within Life Puzzle since we've added the BodyMine!Life Puzzle as an online program offering. I created it because so many people struggle with weight management--but the typical path is through dieting and then hoping that you'll maintain it. The "hoping you'll maintain it" is where most folks get lost--and fail miserably since we know 90% put it all back on.

While the BodyMine!Life Puzzle program does help you design a "7th Heaven Nutrition Lifestyle"--it goes much deeper into teaching you how to build your whole Life Puzzle so you can have the strength of SELF to maintain weight loss. Every one who has participated in these programs has acknowledged their frustration with the rollercoaster of weight loss and come to the conclusion that if they're going to maintain weight loss--it has to become part of a lifestyle that they're consciously creating. The framework of the Life Puzzle can help do this.

So the next time you see a media report about 'the latest diet'...I hope you will turn it off or skip reading it! Dieting doesn't work--if it did--we wouldn't still be hearing about 'the best/next diet'!

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Atkin's weight loss diet!,that is a good diet plan.