Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Where did the summer go?

Oh wait...the summer went in 18 Farmers' markets, long walks through the neighborhood, visits from friends and gardening on a daily basis. It flew along with lots of wonderful sessions with clients and a group designed around building one's Life Puzzle!

Yet, here I sit, the garden is giving up its last few tomatoes (as I keep my fingers crossed that a frost is a month away!), I've retired my sandals for socks and shoes (boo hoo) and contemplate switching my gym shorts to gym leggings! Yes, its fall again and as much as I love the summer, I have to admit that the intense pace of summer begs for a break and fall is just what I needed!

And so a friend's book suggestion "In Praise of Slowness" was the perfect transition of leaving the rush of summer and welcoming the downshift of fall. What I've liked about this book is that it truly is a treatise that supports everything I'm trying to do in Life Puzzle-making--for myself and for all my readers, clients and group members! Life Puzzle making is about honoring the whole SELF-. "In Praise of Slowness" discusses many of the different areas of one's Life Puzzle from the standpoint of first recognizing it (how many of us forget the 16 core areas while we're consumed with working, working, working!) and then, once recognized--discovering the fast to slow transition that he discusses.

For example, one key area of Life Puzzle-making is the nutrition area. First, it is an area most of us simply ignore--but I've tried in Life Puzzle-making to bring it front and center. Well, "In Praise of Slowness" takes it to another dimension through the discussion of slow food and the slow food movement that turns eating into a joyous, play-filled part of our lives. This is definitely a great addition to your Life Puzzle-making nutrition area. Check it out.

By the end of the book, I felt wonderfully re-centered on my own Life Puzzle-making and ready to enjoy fall at a slower pace than summer's fare!

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Anonymous said...

so glad to hear that fall has arrived for you all out there in Oregon, we are so ready for it here in FL too.

I loved "In Praise of Slowness" too, it was a fabulous reminder about how great it is to not do too much! I love that I am not a multi-tasker anymore, for the most part.

Looking forward to the fall and winter updates.