Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Be proactive during these changing times

The old Chinese saying "May you live in interesting times" is certainly a blessing we can all say we've received this year! The elections have sparked lots of dialogue about racism, sexism and a future of change beyond the 'white-male dominated' politics; global warming and the "WE" campaign's call for the US to become oil independent in the next 10 years forces us to recognize that oil has an involvement in every aspect of our lives and with oil is running out change will be necessary; and the financial meltdown on Wall Street coupled with fears of a looming recession all can be pointed as evidence that 2008 will go down as one of those turning point years that just might change the world forever.

Isn't that wonderful? Others may review that list with great angst and trepidation, but a Life Puzzle-maker would know that these challenges offer great opportunities for expanding one's life and view of the possibilities of the world we can create. And that's the key here--change is normal and welcomed!

Stop and think about it--change is all we've ever experienced on this planet. Humans in their current 'modern' stage have been on this planet for at least 35,000 years--and if you accept Neanderthals as an even earlier form of humans--we're looking at 200,000 years. We have changed physically, intellectually, and culturally throughout this time line. So, why would we resist a new wave of change?

Here's the good news.....while an oil dependent, consumer economy, and white male dominated politics have had a solid 250 year run, it's clear that this system has about run through its value to the human species. Which means there's an opportunity for us to transform these old systems into a new system. What's incredible though is that due to education, technology and consciousness--this time we can be proactive, responsible and create a world that enables humans and the planet to be respected and reach their "optimal" whole.

And that's what I would recommend you focus on--solution vs. the problem. Yes, it is easy in these highly chaotic, changing times to see all the negative--but as a Life Puzzle-maker, it behooves you to focus on the new--this vision will enable you to lead the way forward. There has never been a more necessary time to be a proactive, conscious, self-responsible, empowered person focused on creating a whole life!

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