Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Reframe it...

Language is such a powerful tool in how we design our lives. The words we choose 'frame' the way we see our world and those words impact the way we take responsibility for creating our Life Puzzle.

Yet few people recognize this. We talk to our SELF or to others will little recognition of how the words we use influence the choices we make and the vision we see of our lives. A simple example would be to look at two words which essentially define the same supposed outcome and yet, in the difference of the words used, the frame or vision produces quite a different view. Think for a moment about these two words:
Anti-war or Pro-Peace

The other night while working with a live-online BodyMine!Life Puzzle group, one of the participants was talking about an activity/commitment that she was doing. When she first started thinking about it, the words she initially framed it with were "I won't do X". But almost as soon as they were out of her mouth--she said "No, no...that's not it, that's not how I want to approach this--that's old frame, 0-5. I want to reframe this from the 6-10 and say it from the angle of what I will do. So instead of 'not eating food brought to the office breakroom (donuts!)...it was instead a "I will eat foods that feed my brain". For her at that point, it wasn't choosing to not eat a donut, it was choosing to eat healthy brain food (and donuts do not qualify!). The difference for her are much like anti-war vs. pro-peace. Same outcomes but different ways of getting there.

Here's what so exciting when you stop to become conscious of the words you choose to frame your life.
1. Words are free--you can use any of the millions of words available and they are all yours for the taking at absolutely no charge! Thus, anti-war or pro-peace are equally yours!
2. No one can tell you what words you must choose--oh, they might try but since you and only can speak the words--to your SELF or to others, it means every day you can choose proactive words that enable a 6-10 proactive life.
3. The more you choose to frame your life towards what you do want, the more likely you are to create it. Imagine a world of people framing a world based on pro-peace, pro-proactive, pro-whole life vs. anti-war, reactive, fixing problems.

So, just stop for a moment and ask your SELF: how do I frame my day? Do I wake up each morning framing my day with language that focuses on the 'whole', peaceful, joyous way of living or do I wake up each morning to see 'war, problems, chaos, angst and hope I get through it.

All it takes is a moment to choose the 'frame' you build your life on!

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