Monday, April 16, 2007

Bariatric surgery.....still requires lifestyle change.

Since starting the BodyMine! Life Puzzle program for those wanting to use the Life Puzzle model as a part of their weight management efforts, I've had many conversations with folks dealing with weight issues. And it is a big issue on so many levels.

I've also been watching the rise of bariatric surgery as a primary option for the seriously obese and been wondering how that's working out. One article I read showed that despite losing large quantities of weight, many of these people continue have problems in other areas of their lives and are quite frustrated that having this surgery did not turn out to be as satisfying as they'd hoped.

I also know a registered dietitian, Barb Mahlmeister, who works with this clientel. I've always been impressed with Barb's nutrition knowledge. She has gone far beyond the traditional dietitian's knowledge base and I know she has the depth of knowledge to truly be able to help people. So, I called her one day to discuss bariatric surgery and some of the concerns I had. As a result of this, she and I decided to record an interview that I could make available to people about this subject.

In this interview we discussed the various forms of bariatric surgery, misconceptions and expections that people should know before they go through this life-changing surgery. We also discussed the lifestyle changes that she insists people engage in BEFORE their surgery. I was happy to hear how insistent she was that people make these changes or else she won't allow them to go through the surgery. As she said, "If they won't or can't make these changes before surgery, then post-surgery they are going to have an even more difficult time. I'm doing them a favor in the long run--even though they don't always appreciate this ahead of time!".

If you would like to listen to this interview, it is available, as a free, online recording. If you'll go back to the website, click on BodyMine! Life Puzzle and click on

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