Friday, April 06, 2007

My favorite piece...

People often ask me...."What's the most important piece of the Life Puzzle?". I smile and say, "That just depends on where you at any particular time in your life." For example, parenting would hardly be the most important piece if you're 7 or 77--but it might be if you're 28.

That said however....I know for me, my favorite piece...the one I'll always highlight whenever I'm giving a talk on Life Puzzle-making is the Community/Environment piece. It is the one area that seems to be missing in so many of us--yet, once you become a Life Puzzle-maker, it becomes the piece that helps you make sense of the whole. As a Life Puzzle-maker you come to realize that we're all in this together--we are an inter-connected and interdependent whole of genders, cultures, races, species, planet and we all need each other.

You also come to realize that if 90% of the population lives a 0-5 reactive/unconscious lifestyle--we all pay the price. Thus, you realize that teaching others to understand and appreciate the 6-10 proactive/conscious becomes imperative for survival of us all--humans, air, water, land, animals--all of us.

That became quite obvious today when the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change made its report today. With but a small voice of dissent--today we learn how truly interdependent we all are. Our behaviors in first world countries have put us all at risk. The predictions are serious with 1/4 of all species on this planet threatened with extinction, droughts, water shortages, population decimation. This is the outcome of 0-5 reactive/unconscious people who do not understand how vital the Community/Environment piece is in their lives.

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