Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cooking up a story

I recently met Rebecca Gerendasy--producer of Cooking up a story. This site offers lots of short, professionally produced video clips on all sorts of food topics. I found it fun and fascinating and want to share it with you.

Food is such a cornerstone of Life Puzzle-making! As many of you know, I was a junk food junkie with the resulting health problems on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Changing my diet improved my health on all three levels--but also was an impetus for the other 15 pieces of Life Puzzle-making. Since I realized if I wasn't taught good nutrition for a lifetime--it was likely that other important areas were ignored as well.

One of the latest posts at Cooking up a story is on the new movie, King Corn. She interviews Curt Ellis, one of the documentary film makers. If you liked the movie "Supersize Me", I think you'll find this film equally intriguing. But first, listen to Rebecca's interview!

And then mark Cooking up a story as one of your 'favorite' sites and pop in on a regular basis for an inspirational reminder around the nutrition area of your Life Puzzle too!

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