Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Food Not LAWNS

Everyone's talking about 'eating local'. From Barbara Kingsolver's new book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle to Michael Pollan's Ominivore's Dilemma, everywhere you turn, the idea of eating more locally is popping up. Add to that global warming and $100 dollar a barrel for oil--and shipping our food an average of 1500 miles from farm to plate makes less and less sense!

So, what are you going to do as a Life Puzzle-maker taking responsibility for not only your nutrition area--but also the community and environment? Grow local! Here's a great way to do it. Transform your lawn into a garden of food! Checkout this site: Food Not Lawns.

Heather Flores has written a great book to show you how to transform your lawn into an edible haven and on the way turn your neighborhood into a community! Food Not Lawns, How to Turn Your Yard into a Garden and Your Neighborhood into a Community, is the premier guide for ecological living in the city through paradise gardening and shared resources by a co-founder of the original Food Not Lawns grassroots gardening project in Eugene, OR. With a foreword by Toby Hemenway and over 400 pages of text, enhanced by almost a hundred drawings by Northwest artist Jackie Holmstrom, Food Not Lawns offers a theoretical and practical handbook for ecological community transformation.

Creating our own solutions--not waiting for anyone else to do it for us--is really what Life Puzzle making is all about. Food Not Lawns is one of those pieces we can put into our lives and end up with a healthier SELF, community and the world. Happy growing and eating

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