Friday, November 16, 2007

Mindless eating...Mindless living?

Are you a mindless eater?
Are you a mindless eater?

This November 16th, 2007 video clip from NBC's Today show is quite interesting as it shows how unconscious we are when it comes to eating. As I watched it, I thought--it isn't just mindless eating--its mindless living! I could relate though--because that's how I got into Life Puzzle making--I too was a mindless eater (though I got away with it because I have small bones and high metabolism). But once I started eating more consciously, I realized--it wasn't just food that I was unaware of on a daily basis--it was my entire life!

We're heading into the holiday season. Watch this clip and use some of the interesting comments to help you be awake when it comes to food choices--and then as you become more aware in this area--look at the other 15 pieces of your Life Puzzle and think about what one other piece you could also make more conscious choices in. Pick one area and add more mindful living!

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